Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow day!

Belated picture of the doughnuts. I made another batch last night and had some for breakfast with hot coffee. Mmm....

Today was supposed to be a ridiculously busy day. From no planning period (except for a 20 minute lunch, to an SST meeting right after school with no time to prep, to racing back home to tutor before making a quick dinner and babysitting...I was frazzled last night with the prospect.

And then...the announcement at about 10pm last night. NO SCHOOL! I was ecstatic. Joel and I got to play outside a little.

Here's our house:


Joel making a snowball to hit me:

And I got him back:

We took a walk on Park Lake:

Happy teachers!

We also got to watch the inauguration together, which was special. Of course, I cried. I am so moved at how much our country has changed. Rick Warren gave a lovely prayer and for one day, it was wonderful to see so many put aside partisanship and just unite and be thankful that our country can celebrate a PEACEFUL transition, not a coup, a revolution, a revolt...we freely elect our leaders. How amazing. Praise the Lord for that.

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meredith* said...

i cried too.

and that's a good picture of the two of you!

(my word thing to post this comment is "reclocup." I feel the possibilities for what that word could mean are endless."