Monday, November 10, 2008


Thank the Lord for some small blessings tonight.

I made a yummy chicken pot pie (thanks to Laura's easy recipe).
I had the privilege of babysitting Miss Grace Elizabeth and SHE SMILED ... a lot! It was so exciting! I was told to sing to her to quiet her down, and all the songs I could think of were Ben Folds songs (thanks Joel) and "Shake my sillies out." Hilarious. Glad there was no nanny-cam. Thanks L-Cat Rob for the opportunity to play with your sweet girl. It was a blast and definitely brightened my evening.

Then I got home and my sweet hubs ran outside to meet me at the car. I thought he had just missed me so much and wanted to hug me, but really he just wanted Goodberry's, which was a-ok with me because I LOVE spontaneous ice cream trips late at night. It makes me feel almost as adventurous as the time I danced a jig in a small (and by small, I mean 1 church, 2 pubs, and an inn) town pub in Spain.

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Kelsi said...

I adore you. And I also adore late night ice cream adventures. They, and the husbands, are blessings indeed.