Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More news about fun times.

I know I talk about the hubs all the time but oh well. my blog.

after watching eternal sunshine of the spotless mind approximately 3 years ago, i call him joelie. an awkward but endearing (to me) nickname. only i call him that. and he doesn't seem to mind too much.

so we decided to support our local chick fil a this evening for date night. because we can.

and then we had a 7:30 showing of madagascar 2 lined up (it was either that or zack and miri...just kidding...). we had some time to kill after wolfing down our chicken strips and new chik fil a sauce (crack in honey mustard form), so we strolled around tar-jay, dreaming about Christmas time, decorating (ok that was me), presents for our parents, and generally getting in the Christmas spirit. This is huge for me because I am normally a Scrooge until the week before. I've never enjoyed celebrating Christmas, you know, at Halloween. But this year, with the prospect of a bigger family, our own cozy bed, a fireplace and a joint bank account, the Christmas season can last as long as it wants! I love it. And joelie loves it. Which I love.

After buying our Reese's pieces, Whoppers, and Jelly Belly we decided we'd rather save our cash and finish The Dead Poet's Society. I've never seen it. Gasp. But he has. 20 times. So we watched it, I got sad. And then I posted.


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Anonymous said...

You should've watched Madagascar 2. Hilarious with a capital ILARIOUS... and also a capital H, since it is at the beginning of a sentence. Either way I laughed out loud the whole time. Go see it now.