Monday, November 10, 2008

I am a first year teacher

Well, this blog was supposed to be about beginning marriage and teaching.

So today I need to talk about my experience so far as a teacher.

Today was not fun. I wish I had that desire to teach all the time. But I have some serious troublemakers in my class. I have spoken with the principal and their 2nd grade teachers. I can't really go into details, confidentiality and all. But these kids aren't really new behavior issues. I spoke with the counselor about one student. It was affirming because I had thought that maybe it was just me, but she agreed that he has some serious things going on.

One of these students was supposed to start in a new school today. I spent Friday really preparing for his departure. There were some things I wished I had done differently with him. His new school is actually tracked guess who showed up this morning?

Admittedly, I was shocked. I hadn't psychologically prepared for him to return. And while it's nice to have a bit of a second chance, the same problems that I thought would end today returned in full force.

These kids are SO defiant, so angry, so below grade level and sometimes so spoiled at home that school is just a completely negative place.

I want an overnight change. I know that can't happen. But this afternoon I broke down a bit. I had to leave the room and shed a few tears. I got it together, and I never want that to happen again. I just hope I'm really cut out for this.

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