Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Techno Tuesday

No, not that kind of techno.

I just realized my blog is extremely boring, so I thought I'd post some technology resources that I have discovered (or have been sent to me!) to the other teachers out there.


This has a bunch of tools like an arcade game creator for reviewing concepts, a random name picker (I used this recently to pick chaperones for a field trip), timers and concept maps. I will definitely be using the paragraph concept map (the hamburger below) this quarter. They are all flash games/diagrams so you'll have to be able to use that.

Name picker:

Click here for full screen version


Click here for full screen version


I put this on here before, but you could use this for class surveys. Example, What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
The more times you put in a word, the bigger that word is. So:

(pie is my favorite)

You have to pay for it but my school has already paid so I use this ALL THE TIME.
You have to pay for this too but if your school will buy it, it is great.

5) This website isn't flashy but we do a math minute everyday to practice fluency and I get all my worksheets for that here:

Hope that was educational :)

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